Open-Box 2021 Body Glove Oasis

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Enhance your mental and physical well-being and introduce a new challenge to your yoga routine by taking it to the water. The Body Glove Oasis features a cleverly designed Paddle Integrated Carrying System which allows you to use your paddle shaft as a handle, removing the need for an integrated handle in the center of the board to leave an unencumbered space for exercise on a full-length yoga mat EVA pad. Feel comfortable maintaining your balance atop an ultra-stable construction of heavy-duty PVC reinforced with triple-layer stringers and side rails. Attach a paddle to one of two patented carry handles/water bottle holders on the end of your board and a friend’s to link two Oasis boards together. 



  • 10' x 34" x 5.4"
  • 320 lb weight capacity
  • Triple-layer stringers and side rails
  • Front cargo bungee
  • Action camera attachment
  • Crocodile skin traction pad
  • Two patented multi-functional carry handles/water bottle holders
  • Integrated Paddle Carrying System
  • Triple true tracking durable fin design
  • Easily links with other Oasis and Kayoga boards


  • Adjustable 3-piece paddle
  • High-pressure dual-action hand pump
  • Coil ankle leash
  • Cell phone dry bag
  • Storage backpack



*Open-Box - This is a new, unused product and includes all original accessories. Depending on the condition of the original packaging we receive, the product may be repackaged in a brown cardboard box. 

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