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    Certified Pre-Owned Body Glove Waterpark Certified Pre-Owned Body Glove Waterpark

    Body Glove

    Certified Pre-Owned Body Glove Waterpark

    *Please allow up to 3 additional days for handling prior to this style being shipped* The Body Glove Waterpark is the ultimate inflatable platform, perfect for family and friends on the lake. Its lightweight single-layer construction with double-laye…

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  • Giant Inflatable Paddle Boards and Docks

    Paddle boarding isn’t just for solo enthusiasts! Invite your friends and family for a great time on the water with one of our giant boards. These extra-large inflatable stand-up paddle boards (ISUPs) and inflatable docks are lightweight and easy to pack, yet they are big enough to support multiple people. Find the ideal giant paddle board at Paddlers Outlet today.

    Why You Need a Giant Board or Dock

    Giant paddle boards and inflatable docks, also known as super-sized boards or multi-person boards designed to accommodate multiple people. These boards and docks are suitable for the same bodies of water a traditional board can traverse, from flat lake waters to calm rivers and gentle ocean waves.

    A giant board, like the Body Glove Waterpark, is an excellent choice for families and groups of friends looking to have fun on the water and make memories together. With an 800 lb. weight capacity and double-layer side rails, you can use it to share water adventures in family outings, waterborne picnics and team-building exercises. 

    Discover Our Range of Giant Boards at Paddlers Outlet

    Paddlers Outlet carries a wide selection of giant inflatable paddle boards and inflatable docks. Whether you prefer to float with your family or a group of friends, these giant inflatable platforms offer the latest features and technologies to ensure everyone has a great time enjoying the water.

    Super durable: Our giant boards are fabricated from military-grade materials such as heavy-duty PVC, multi-layer side rails and the latest drop-stitching technology. When fully inflated with one of our high-pressure pumps, these inflatable water platforms become durable and stable. 


    They are as safe and dependable as a solid board or an inflatable dock, supporting upwards of 1,200 lbs. of weight capacity. There’s more than enough for the whole family and even your pets.

    Convenient and easy to carry: Most giant boards feature multiple handles all around the sides, allowing you and your group to take it with you on your next waterborne adventure. Many even feature convenient storage solutions, such as dry bags for cell phones or storage bags for board accessories and other essentials.


    Safe to ride on: Our giant boards feature deck pads with a wide, grippy surface. Whether you prefer to stand or sit on the board, the traction pads are designed to keep every rider safe and upright. They help prevent slips and falls, ensuring safety for all riders, including adults and kids.

    Why Shop at Paddlers Outlet?

    At Paddlers Outlet, we want our customers to get the best paddling and water gear for the most affordable prices possible. Whether you’re planning your next water adventure solo or with friends and family, here’s why you should shop at Paddlers Outlet:

    Big Brands
    Paddlers Outlet carries a selection of inflatable paddle board products and inflatable docks, including numerous multi-person giant boards from the industry’s biggest and most respected brands. Our catalog includes models by well-known names such as Body Glove, Nautica, and more. 

    At Paddlers Outlet, our partnerships with the industry’s top brands allow us to provide you with a wide selection of like-new and certified pre-owned paddle boarding products. You can access high-quality giant board models for far less than their original MSRP. 

    Generous 6-Month Warranty
    Paddlers Outlet stands behind every product in the catalog. If you notice an issue or a manufacturing defect on a board or accessory you ordered from us, contact our customer support. We offer a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects, effective from the day you bought it. Send our team your sales receipt and we will help you resolve the issue quickly.

    Free Shipping in the U.S.
    We offer free shipping on every product in our catalog, including our inflatable giant boards and accessories, to any customer in the contiguous United States. Get one of our great products for less, whether you live on the coast or near one of the many inland rivers and lakes in America.

    30-Day Returns
    Made a mistake or ordered the wrong product? No problem! Call our customer support and take advantage of our 30-day returns policy, no questions asked. We’ll help you return the product and issue you a refund on the purchase price.

    Buy High-Quality Giant Boards and Docks at Paddlers Outlet

    Enjoy riding on the water with friends, family and loved ones with a giant board from Paddlers Outlet. Choose from our selection of giant boards from the world’s top brands and get ready for your next adventure on the water today.

    Inflatable Boards and Docks FAQs

    What Sizes do Giant Boards Come In?

    Most giant paddle boards typically range from 12 to 18 feet long and can accommodate between 500 and 1,200 lbs. of total weight capacity. Extra-large models can reach up to 22 feet and support 1,500 lbs.

    How Many People Can Fit on a Giant Board or Dock?

    The recommended number of users for a given giant board depends on its length, weight capacity and manufacturer’s instructions. Here are some general guidelines:

    12-14 foot board: Suited for 2-4 people
    15-18 foot board: Suited for 4-6 people
    18-22 foot board: Suited for 6-8 people or more


    What is the Best Way to Transport and Store an Inflatable Giant Board or Dock?

    Inflatable giant boards are designed to be easy to transport and carry. Simply transport your deflated board and pump together, then inflate it on-site when you're ready. When you’re done for the day, fully deflate the board and pack it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It should now fit in your trunk or on the back seat of your car.


    Before storing your board at home, rinse it with fresh water and let it dry. Then deflate the board, loosely roll it up and place in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. 

    What Accessories are Recommended for Giant Boards?

    All giant board paddlers should have access to at least one pump per board, personal flotation devices (PFDs) and storage bags.